How to Clean Stainless Steel Refrigerator

Stainless steel appliances are not only durable but they look good on your kitchen too. But cleaning stainless steel products can be quite a challenge and you should clean them with caution. Most of these appliances are clear coated with a lacquer varnish when they are sent out from the manufacturer. These appliances should be well-maintained especially when you see fingerprints, spot, spills or other unsightly stains on them. Always make sure that you read the product manual to see any precaution when cleaning electronic steel appliances. Get professional cleaning services Melbourne.

The things you need to clean your stainless steel appliances are very basic cleaning tools. Make sure you prepare a soft cloth, warm water, scouring pad (nylon), baby oil and a stainless steel cleaner that you can easily buy from your nearest home improvement store.

Use a soft cloth with a bit of warm soapy water to wipe your appliance, making sure you cover all areas.

To clean it thoroughly, you can use rubbing alcohol on your soft cloth. You can also use vinegar as an alternative.

Pour a few drops of stainless steel cleaner on your damp cloth and wipe it on your appliance. Make sure that you rub the cloth in the direction of the grain lines on the stainless steel surface.

If you see any hard to remove stain like grease or food, you can use a nylon scouring pad with a bit of warm caustic soda solution.

Using warm water, rinse off the surface area of your appliance.

To give your stainless steel appliance extra gleam, put a few drops of baby oil to a fresh, clean cloth or paper towel then rub it on your appliance.

While you’re at it, clean the inside of the refrigerator as well as the outside. Fill the sink or a plastic tub with an inch or so of warm soapy water. Remove jars from the shelves and from the door. Place in the plastic tub so the bottoms are in the water.

Place everything else in a cooler. Wipe down the shelves with warm soapy water. Add a tablespoon of bleach to one quart of water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Wipe the shelves dry with paper towels.

Check the expiration date on all the products before replacing in the fridge. Throw out any that are past or smell funny.

Replace the items on the shelves. Dry off the jar bottoms and replace those as well.