Selecting a House Cleaning Company

Finding someone to clean your home can be a time-consuming process with so many different options. It can also be a little overwhelming, trying to find someone who is affordable, yet someone you can trust to come into your private home, and who meets your specific needs. Certainly, word of mouth is one way to narrow down the possibilities, but needs can vary from person to person. To help with the search, here are a few key things to consider, and hints on how to select the right house cleaner for you and your family.

A common consideration for most people looking to have someone clean their home is cost. Certainly, this is an important factor, but rates alone may not tell the whole story. Some companies may quote by hour, others may quote by job. In either case, when comparing prices, be sure that other factors such as services, the number of people working, and frequency are considered as well. For example, a single person working for $50 per hour likely will not get as much accomplished as two people working for a total of $80 per hour in the same time frame.

Similar to cost, you may wish to look for companies that offer some kind of incentive for first-time customers. Since every company does things differently and quality can vary greatly, a house cleaning company that offers discounts or some other form of incentive for either first time or returning customers is a good indication that they are interested in your business, not just your money. Depending on the incentive, it may also give you a better opportunity to try them out for yourself before making a commitment.

Even if the price is right, an important part of choosing someone to clean your home is making sure they will do what you need them to do. Services vary greatly, so check company information and ask questions. For a few examples, some companies do laundry, while others do not. Some may do deep cleaning of all surfaces every time, others may only do that on certain visits especially if they come on a regular basis, such as weekly. Do you have animals? If so, does the company understand the specific needs that come with owning pets, and are they comfortable working around them? The same question also applies to children, especially very young children.

Finally, and along similar lines, how flexible is the company, and how flexible do you need them to be? Flexibility can apply to many areas, from scheduling to services needed, to payment methods and arrangements.

Be sure to ask questions, and discuss with any potential home cleaners your particular situation. And, while word of mouth may not be the only way to select someone to clean your home, don’t dismiss the testimonies of anyone you know who does use a company you are considering. The most honest answers will usually come from other customers. Good luck!